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Sticky: Recruiting:
Thursday October 06 2011 - submitted by Saedian at 08:33pm

The following represents our current recruitment goals. First off we expect recruits to raid. Raiding is our major focus as a guild. You will be required to meet 40% raid attendance (~2 nights a week) to progress toward membership within the first month. You will be required to keep the minimum during the first week to continue your recruitment with Frayed Knot. The first week is critical in establishing your genuine interest in raiding and becoming acquainted with the guild. If at any point after that first week, but prior to becoming a full member, your raid attendance falls below 25% you can expect to be removed due to inactivity unless a RO overrides the requirement. Conversely, exceeding expectations will increase your Probabationary Member bonus after you pass your vote.

As a recruit, when you are voted into the guild as a probationary member you will received a DKP bonus based on your attendance.
a. For passing the vote, you get a bonus of 100 DKP.
b. If your attendance exceeds 60%, you will receive an additional 100 DKP, or 200 DKP total.
c. If your attendance exceeds 80%, you will receive an additional 100 DKP (to the 60% attendance level) or 300 DKP total.

We are looking for evidence of a developed character (90 with ~2000aa) and a great player personality to match. Those who do not meet these minimum requirements can still apply, but should speak with Scyt or Scot, or when neither are available, any officer for consideration. If you are accepted with less than the minimum requirements, we will expect for you to gain at least a level per week, and to be able to begin regular raiding with us before you will be abe to officially begin the recruitment process and progress toward full membership.

In order to submit an application, you will need to register with your character name as your user name. If you were referred by a member, make sure to include them in your application so they can get a bonus too.

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Use your in-game character name as your account name or it will be deleted.
Sticky: Applications
Thursday October 06 2011 - submitted by Saedian at 08:33pm

In order to apply for membership in Frayed Knot, you must first read our loot rules by clicking here.

To fill out an appplication click here, which also signifies you have read and agree to abide by our rules.

Use your in-game character name as your account name or it will be deleted.

If you wish to raid with us as a guest, first read our loot policy (found above) and then contact a recruiting officer, or raid leader

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